Animal PoisonLine is run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and is the only 24-hour specialised emergency telephone service in the UK dedicated to helping pet owners who are worried their pet may have been exposed to something harmful or poisonous.

Based on the information you provide our vets and scientists will be able to tell you if you need to go to the vets for immediate treatment or whether we can save you the trip.

We have experience of thousands of toxic substances in all animals and cover everything from human drugs, household and garden products, plants, agricultural chemicals to venomous bites and stings.

We are veterinary poisons specialists and therefore, regrettably, cannot help with any other veterinary enquiries unrelated to poisoning.


When you call us, please have your credit card ready as payment will be taken via an automated service (Amex not accepted).

You will then be put directly through to one of our specialists, who will carry out a thorough case assessment and advise whether or not your pet needs a visit to the vet.

£35 – £45 per phone call.

£35 is charged 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. | £45 is charged at all other times including bank holidays.

We are open 24 hours a day!


If your pet displaying signs which definitely require treatment? e.g. collapse, coma, convulsions, breathing difficulties. If yes, please go straight to the vet. 

Does the case involve: An adder bite? Blue green algae? True lilies in a cat? A bronchodilator inhaler? If yes, please go straight to the vet. 

Please have as many of the following details as possible ready when you call:

1. Your pet’s details: Name, age, breed and weight.

2. What your pet has eaten or been exposed to? e.g. the drug or product/brand name.

3. How has your pet absorbed the potential toxin? e.g. Have they eaten, inhaled or has it been on their skin.

4. How long ago was your pet exposed to the potential toxin? e.g. estimated minutes, hours.

5. How much of the potential toxin have they been exposed to? e.g. unit of measure and estimated amount.

5. Is this the first time your pet has been exposed to this toxin? e.g. If this has happened in the past, when.


Tell your vet that you rang us and were advised to see the vet. If they require detailed treatment advice about the particular substance your pet has been exposed to they can call our professional service, the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS). Approximately 80% vets are members of the VPIS and use it regularly for specialist advice on the management of poisoning in animals. Please be aware that if your pet does require veterinary attention, your vet may charge a fee for calling VPIS. If this is the case, we will in turn refund you for your call made to the Animal PoisonLine.

All of our refunds are processed automatically but if you are concerned that you have not received your refund or if you have any questions please complete our contact us form


“Very helpful, great knowledge and advice. Helped with any questions I had. Friendly.”

— Owner of a cat that ate moth trap

“I thought my query was dealt with rapidly and appropriately. I was very happy with the advice received and have told my dog owning friends how useful it was”

— Owner of a dog that ate a bath bomb containing essential oils

“I felt [APL] offered a good service. I was out of surgery hours and knew if I got a vet out and they rang a poison line (VPIS) it would cost a small fortune so for me the cost felt about right, and I got the reassurance that I needed. It saved a lot of worry, time and expense.”

— Owner of a dog that ate Miracle-Gro® bone meal root enhancer

“ The person who took my call was very helpful and lovely, I was panicking because I didn’t know if my puppy was going to be seriously unwell or fine as my puppy is in training to be my anxiety support animal. They were able to calm me down and let me know what the best thing to do is. Thank you.”

— Owner of a dog that ate an ice pack for a cool bag

“I was very impressed with the service. Reassuring and efficient. Thanks for the help”

— Owner of a dog that ate Rennie® Peppermint Flavoured Tablets