It’s nearly here – party time!  We’ll all be celebrating, but bear in mind your pet’s safety this New Year’s Eve too.  The following are a few celebratory hazards your pets may encounter.


You may be planning a dazzling firework display to welcome in the new year with a bang, but beware that it doesn’t cost you more than it needs to by having a vet’s bill too!

Fireworks contain various reactive chemicals and metals that when burnt produce the explosions of spectacular colours.  Eating these could cause a stomach upset in your dog or cat, and occasionally more serious signs depending on their components.

Leftover (burnt) fireworks do not present a significant toxic hazard as the chemicals and metals will have mostly burnt off or dispersed during the explosion, but they can still cause stomach upset or mechanical injury, or nasty burns if they are still hot.


The alcoholic beverages may well be freely flowing, and any alcohol left unattended or within easy reach of pets is liable to cause similar signs if ingested by them as it does in their owners: wobbliness and drowsiness may be seen and in severe cases, there is a risk of low body temperature, low blood sugar and coma. Dogs seem particularly fond of whisky-based cream drinks so be aware that alcohol is toxic to pets and make sure they do not have access to them.

Recreational Drugs

Some people may use recreational drugs during the party season and if these are left lying around or dropped, pets, particularly dogs, may help themselves. These are poisonous to both dogs and cats. There is a huge variety of different substances that people use for their stimulant, sedative or hallucinogenic properties and these can cause similar effects in animals. If your pet is behaving oddly, is very drowsy or unusually agitated these drugs may be the cause.


If you are concerned that your dog or any other pet may have eaten anything potentially poisonous and would like to know if it needs to be seen immediately by a vet, call Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000. One of our veterinary poisons specialists will be able to tell you if a trip to the vet is required. We are always here 24 hours a day to help you and your pets.

Animal PoisonLine wishes you a very Happy (and Healthy) New Year!