What is metaldehyde?

Metaldehyde is used to control garden snails and slugs, and is the active ingredient in many products. It is available in small bluegreen pellets for scattering around plants.

Sources of metaldehyde

Pets may be exposed to metaldehyde through access to the container or from eating the pellets from the garden. Most cases occur in the early summer when slugs and snails are common in the garden.

What are the signs of metaldehyde poisoning?

Metaldehyde ingestion can result in tremors and convulsions. These effects can occur quickly after ingestion, often within a few hours. The convulsions can last for many hours.
The clinical signs of metaldehyde poisoning
can include:
• Drooling
• Vomiting
• Wobbliness
• Diarrhoea (may be bluey-green)
• Panting
• Tremor
• Convulsions
• High body temperature

• Call Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000 even if your pet is showing no signs to find out whether a trip to the vet is required.
• Remove your pet from the source of poison.
• Do not try to make your pet vomit –NEVER give salt water.
• Collect the poison and take a sample/container with you if you are advised to take your pet to the vet practice