With cleaning products becoming more prevalent in COVID-times, we have seen a rise in incidents reported to us involving pets being exposed to these products. In a few cases, pets have been exposed to something on their fur, and have been cleaned with antibacterial wipes. Like making your pet sick, these actions can often cause more harm to animals than the product trying to be removed.
Lots of these products contain benzalkonium chloride, which can cause severe irritation to the mouth, skin, eyes, and any other area where these products are used. A particular problem in cats is the fact that they groom so much, so if any products are used on their fur, these will be ingested and cause effects to the mouth, throat, and possibly respiratory issues.
It is important to use appropriate products if needing to clean your pet- fresh water, and if required, a mild pet-safe diluted detergent.
If you are concerned about an exposure in your pet, please call Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000. Veterinary practices can call the Veterinary Poisons Information Service on 02073055055 for treatment advice.