Please be aware of a Food Standards Agency Alert put out last night: There is concern for the safety of certain batches of 3 brands of cat food (Applaws, AVA, Sainsbury’s Hypoallegenic). There is a possible link to the cat food products listed, and an increase in cases of pancytopenia in cats. The cause remains unknown.
If you have bought any of the above products you should stop feeding them to your cat and contact the retailer. If you are concerned that your pet is unwell after consuming an affected batch, you should discuss this with your vet.
Pancytopenia is a condition wherein the number of blood cells (red, white and platelets) rapidly decreases, causing serious illness. Treatment and management of affected cats is supportive; prognosis is poor.
Cases can be reported via the RVC survey-…/rvc-issues-call-for-help…/