These novelty items are readily available and often chewed/ingested by animals around Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ night. They consist of polyethylene tubing filled with a liquid mixture that gives off a light of various colours. There are normally two components to the mixture, a luminescer (mostly dibutyl phthalate), and an activator. The chemicals are of low toxicity, and the quantity ingested is usually small due to the unpleasant taste. As a result, systemic effects are not reported from accidental exposure to these types of products. The chemicals are irritant and cause discomfort, and the clinical features reflect this; typically, hypersalivation and foaming/frothing of the mouth is seen with immediate onset with possible hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour. Splashes in the eye will cause irritation.
Washing the mouth out or giving a treat to take the taste away is usually all that is required. Irrigation of the eye may be needed for ocular exposure.
In all cases reported to the VPIS where follow up data has been returned, all animals had uneventful recoveries.