If you are worried about something your pet has eaten, please do not try to make them vomit at home.
Most pets, especially puppies, will at some point eat or swallow something they shouldn’t. It is often our first instinct to want to ‘get it back up’. However, this is something that should NEVER be attempted at home, despite what you read on the internet.
In certain poisoning cases your vet may decide that making your pet sick to help remove some of the toxic substance it has eaten is worthwhile. However, it is not safe to carry this out with all poisons and it is something that your vet will consider very carefully.
Many of the substances that people use in attempts to make their pet sick are often toxic themselves (salt, hydrogen peroxide, detergent).
Also, it simply may not be necessary! There are numerous medications and other materials that are either very low toxicity or need to be ingested in a larger quantity than may have been in your pet’s individual case to pose a problem. Animal PoisonLine have carried out risk assessments and hold a database of toxic doses for thousands of drugs, chemicals and other items that will enable us to tell you if what your pet has ingested is indeed toxic.
In summary, please do not try to make your pet sick at home, with the best intentions you may end up making them worse off. If you are worried your pet has eaten something they should not have, please call the Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509 000 for advice on what to do next. If your pet starts showing any signs, then take them to your local vet practice immediately for treatment. The sooner they are treated, the better the outcome.