Today is Guy Fawkes night, we hope you all have a lovely evening.
At VPIS and AnimalPoisonLine, we also receive a number of enquiries each year about animals who have found and chewed on/ingested either used or unused fireworks that have fallen into their gardens or been found on a walk etc. In most cases, ingestion of fireworks will cause no more than a gastrointestinal upset but in very rare cases, particularly if a large quantity is ingested, poisoning from the chemicals used in fireworks (such as barium or chlorates) can occur.
If you are worried that you pet has ingested any of the above you can call our Animal PoisonLine 24/7 on 01202 50 90 00.
Vets requiring treatment advice for animals with suspected poisoning can call our Veterinary Professionals line on 02073 055 055.