Are you buying flowers for your loved one this Valentine’s Day?
Remember to check they are cat friendly flowers if there are cats around! Florists can often advise on cat friendly plants and some supermarkets include warnings on the labels.
Lilies, that is, Lilium (true lily) and Hemerocallis (day lily) species, are poisonous to cats and cause kidney failure.
The toxic chemicals and the mechanism of lily poisoning are unknown but all parts of the plant are thought to be toxic including the leaves, flowers and pollen.
Ingestion of even a small quantity (e.g. less than one leaf or part of a flower), as well as grooming pollen from the fur, is enough to potentially cause severe poisoning in a cat.
If you need advise regarding a plant your pet has ingested or is exposed to you can call the Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509 000.
Veterinary professionals can all us on 0207 305 5055 for treatment advice.