There have been recent reports in the media that a component of some COVID-19 rapid test solutions is toxic to dogs- the ingredient of concern being sodium azide.
While sodium azide is indeed a hazardous substance, it is not present in all tests and the risk to pets from ingestion of COVID-19 rapid test solutions will be minimal due to the low concentrations of preservatives in the fluid, and low volumes of fluid contained within the test kits. Toxicity is very unlikely, and we are not recommending treatment is necessary for ingestion of these solutions.
VPIS has received 91 enquiries relating to COVID-19 rapid test solutions (in 4 cases sodium azide was confirmed as a constituent). Where symptoms were reported they have been mild and mostly gastrointestinal in nature (vomiting for example). The plastic container, though not toxic, may present a foreign body hazard if swallowed.
Animal PoisonLine and VPIS are here 24/7 for advice.