This week marks National Obesity Week. With the New Year, many people want to lose some weight, particularly following overindulgence during the festive season, employing different methods to help with this! This may include eating foods containing the sugar-free alternative, xylitol, which is extremely dangerous if a dog gets hold of it.
Xylitol can be found in many products marketed as ‘sugar free’. It is most commonly found in chewing gums, but can also be an ingredient in some baked goods, peanut butters, ice creams and chewable/sweetened medications.
Xylitol can cause low blood glucose and, in severe cases, liver damage in dogs. The prognosis is often good if treatment is started promptly.
If you suspect xylitol toxicity, call us anytime on 02073 055 055 for treatment advice.
Owners can call our Animal PoisonLine on 01202 50 90 00.