We tend to see an increase in enquiries regarding slug bait during the Summer months. There are 3 common active ingredients used in slug baits; metaldehyde, ferric phosphate or methiocarb.
As of April 1st 2022, metaldehyde was banned in the United Kingdom due to the risk that it poses to wildlife and the environment. Despite this ban, many owners still have domestic products containing it in their homes that were purchased before the ban was implemented. Metaldehyde is usually found as blue-green pellets but sometimes may be found in liquid preparations. Clinical signs are usually very rapid in onset after exposure and may initially start as gastrointestinal signs before progressing to more complicated and severe neurological signs including prolonged seizure activity.
Frodo’s owner recently called us after he ingested a small quantity of slug bait containing metaldehyde. After a discussion with one of our APL team about the risk, Frodo’s owner got him down to his vet as soon as possible for some treatment. We are so pleased to report that due to his fast-thinking owner and vet, Frodo has remained completely well and did not develop any adverse effects.
His owner sent us this photo of him and we think you’ll agree that he is gorgeous!
If you think your pet has come into contact with slug bait, you can call Animal PoisonLine 24/7 on 01202 509000 for advice.