Many people associate antifreeze poisoning with the colder months but we still receive calls all year round regarding animals who have been exposed to it.
Ethylene glycol is a common ingredient in antifreeze and can cause kidney failure if ingested in enough quantity. Cats are at particular risk due to their roaming behaviour, but dogs can be equally as affected. The initial signs are usually subtle and may not be apparent until hours after the ingestion, which is often too late. There is an antidote for ethylene glycol toxicity, however to be effective it must be started as soon as possible.
Murphy’s owner recently called Animal PoisonLine after they caught him drinking some orange liquid near the site of a car accident. His owner sent us a summary of the event and a gorgeous picture of him to share!
“I’d taken Murphy to the local park for his daily exercise. After leaving the park, there’d been a car accident in the direction I was walking. The police & people involved crowded the pavement blocking my vision! This prevented me from seeing a pool of orange liquid, puddled on the corner of the road! Murphy was in front & he quickly sipped the liquid! I didn’t know what it was, but thought it could be antifreeze! As we walked home, Murphy was sick. I rang my local vet, who suggested ringing the β€œPoison Line”. I rang the number & spoke to a professional & followed the advice given! Fortunately for Murphy he wasn’t affected or harmed! Thank you so much, for customer care at its highest level!”