Thank you to one of our members who sent in this great photo taken in her garden!
Its that time of year when we receive lots of calls about pets who have played with, licked or carried a frog or toad in their mouth. Frogs in the UK are not a cause for concern, but toads can be a problem. There are two types of toad in the UK , Bufo toads release venom from glands on their skin, and Bombina toads have irritating substances on their skin. Both may cause –
Drooling, foaming and frothing at the mouth
Pawing at the mouth
Most of the time this will resolve within a few hours without further issues, but rarely the Bufo toad can cause more serious clinical signs.
If you suspect your pet has had an encounter with a toad – call the Animal PoisonLine for advice on 01202 509000
For detailed treatment advice vets should call VPIS on 0207 3055 055