We know that many owners take extra precautions to keep medications and chemicals away from their pets, but what about handbags?
Handbags often contain many toxic dangers to your pet and it is therefore important to ensure they are kept well out of reach. Some examples include:
❗ Chewing gum/breath fresheners – Some of these contain the sweetener xylitol which can cause low blood sugar and liver damage in dogs.
❗ Cigarettes/Electronic Cigarettes – the main concern with these products is that they contain nicotine which can cause vomiting and increased heart rate and low blood pressure, breathing problems and changes in heart rhythm.
❗ Contraceptive pills – ingestion of birth control pills is generally not too much of a concern in pets, although a large amount could cause some mild gastrointestinal upset.
❗ Medications (such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and prescription drugs) – drugs can affect animals in many different ways depending on the dose ingested. Some drugs can cause severe gastrointestinal irritation, whilst others can cause neurological signs such as drowsiness, tremors and even seizures.
❗ Inhalers – if an inhaler is chewed on, your animal is exposed to a huge dose of the drug and this can cause rapid onset signs including vomiting, increased heart rate and agitation.
❗ Hand sanitizer – hand sanitizing gels contain alcohol which can cause gastrointestinal upset. Generally there is only a small amount of alcohol available in handbag sized bottles and so are usually low risk.
❗ Snacks – chocolate can cause gastrointestinal upset, agitation and increased heart rate in animals. Depending on the type of chocolate and the amount ingested, chocolate can be very dangerous. Raisins and grapes carry a risk of kidney injury.
If you suspect your pet has been exposed to a toxic substance, call the Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000 for advice. Veterinary professionals should call our dedicated line on 0207 305 5055.