Pimobendan is a medication commonly used in dogs for the management of congestive heart failure. Common trade names for Pimobendan include Vetmedin and Cardisure.
These tablets are often chewable and highly palatable, which is excellent for administration, however it also makes them very appealing for our canine companions and can often lead to large overdoses if they are left within reach.
The individual response to pimobendan overdose is very variable, however animals with underlying cardiac disorders are more at risk of toxicity. Clinical effects include increased vomiting, increased heart rate, fluctuations in blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm and liver dysfunction.
☎️If your pet has ingested more than their daily dose of pimobendan, we recommend that you contact Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000 for guidance. Vets can contact VPIS on 0207 305 5055 for in-depth treatment advice☎️