Bramble’s owner recently called Animal PoisonLine after she ingested part of a houseplant. Luckily we were able to ascertain that the risk to Bramble was low and she could remain at home – we are so pleased to say that she developed no adverse effects following her encounter!
Some house plants are only expected to cause mild gastrointestinal signs if ingested, however some can be more problematic and require veterinary treatment. It is always worth checking the toxicity of a plant before bringing it into a home with pets.
The Horticultural Trades Association, working with plant toxicologists and the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, have reviewed the toxicity of plants sold through nurseries, garden centres and online retailers in the UK and produced a handy guide that is free to access here:
If you have any concerns regarding the safety of a plant and would like to discuss with an Information Scientist, please call the VPIS 0207 305 5055 (veterinary professionals only) or the Animal PoisonLine 01202 509 000 (for owners).