Taz’s owner recently contacted Animal PoisonLine after she managed to get hold of some white wine. Within 30 minutes of drinking the wine, Taz became wobbly and uncoordinated on her legs.
As with people, alcohol commonly causes wobbliness, lethargy and vomiting in dogs. In severe cases, it can cause recumbancy, low blood glucose levels, tremors and potentially seizures. Treatment is largely supportive – it is important that animals are closely monitored to ensure that they are able to protect their own airway.
We are so pleased to report that Taz fully recovered at home and developed no further ill effects after her encounter with the wine!
☎️If your dog or cat has had access to alcohol, contact Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000. Veterinary professionals can contact VPIS on 0207 305 5055 for detailed treatment advice☎️