The kitchen bin is a tempting place for our pets to investigate , however there are many potential hazards lurking in there, here are a few common examples
1. Mouldy food – may contain tremorgenic mycotoxins which can cause rapid onset vomiting and neurological signs – twitching, tremors and convulsions – even if ingested in small quantities.
2. Coffee granules – used coffee granules if ingested in quantity may contain enough caffeine to cause a problem. Pets may become agitated, with tremors and a fast heart rate. In severe cases they can have seizures.
3. Food – not all food is safe for our pets. Onion, garlic, chives , leeks, chocolate , raisins and grapes are all potentially harmful.
4. Batteries – if leaking can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract and if large could pose an obstruction risk.
5. Cleaning products – disinfectant wipes and sprays can cause irritation to the mouth and to the gastrointestinal tract. They can be particularly harmful to cats if they contain benzalkonium chloride.
If you are a pet owner needing advice relating to a potential hazard, call the Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000. Veterinary professionals should call 0207 3055 5055 for detailed treatment advice.