My pet has eaten something that might be toxic, should I try to make them vomit ?
Although it is worrying when a pet ingests a potentially toxic substance, do not attempt to make them vomit at home.
Why not?
1. It may not be necessary.
2. There are no safe ways to induce vomiting at home. We often receive calls where the substances used to attempt to make them sick have caused more problems than the original product ingested.
3. Some plants and chemicals are irritant /corrosive. They may cause more damage to the oesophagus/mouth during the vomiting process. There may also be harmful vapours that could be aspirated causing breathing problems.
4. Some toxins can affect the ability to swallow and there is a risk of choking on the vomit.
If you suspect your pet has eaten a toxic substance , call the Animal PoisonLine on 01202 509000 . We are there 24h a day to advise owners on whether they need to go to the vet. For detailed treatment advice, vets should call our dedicated VPIS line on 0207 3055055.