Wasp and bee stings are most common in spring, summer and early autumn months.  Dogs and cats are commonly stung on their face and paws, and in many cases, signs are mild and can be managed at home. Multiple stings can be more serious and these cases should be checked by  a vet.

Ingestion of a bee or wasp can cause extensive swelling of the face and throat and can cause issues with respiratory function.  In severe cases, animals may experience an anaphylactic reaction which could be life-threatening.

What signs require an immediate vet consultation?
🐝 Vomiting
🐝 Excessive swelling of the face and/or neck
🐝 Collapse
🐝 Breathing complications (rapid breathing rate, wheezing, increased effort)
🐝 Multiple stings

⚠️It is not advisable to self-administer medications at home without consulting a veterinary surgeon first – this is because there is a risk that you may overdose your pet which can lead to further complications⚠️