What types of detergents are dangerous to our pets and why?

2018-12-14T11:34:15+00:00March 12th, 2018|Awareness, Cats, Dogs, Domestic Poisons|

One of our frequent enquiries is about pets who have come into contact with a detergent. Detergents are often stored next to the washing machine or in cupboards below the [...]

Supplements which can cause harm to your dog!

2018-12-14T11:18:49+00:00February 19th, 2018|Awareness, Dogs, Domestic Poisons, Medication, Poisoning, Vitamin D, Xylitol|

A very popular new year’s resolution is to get fitter or healthier.  While doing this, some of us may choose to take supplements to help aid our diets or boost [...]

Help! What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Rat Poison?

2018-12-14T11:12:25+00:00February 8th, 2018|Awareness, Dogs, Domestic Poisons, Severe poisoning|

Types of rat and mouse poison (rodenticides) Rat and mouse poisons can contain various ingredients, but in the UK are broadly made up of three types: ·       anticoagulant baits that [...]

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