Has My Cat Been Poisoned?

Veterinary costs can soar when you have to use an out-of-hours service or you need to book an emergency appointment. This, on top of the worry for your pet, can be an extremely stressful experience. If you’re worrying whether your cat has been poisoned, you can use our helpful and informative service at Animal PoisonLine.

It’s perfectly natural to wonder if your cat has been poisoned if they are acting strangely, are being drooling or vomiting. They can easily pick up poisonous materials and toxic substances from the ground, in the water they drink or by eating something they shouldn’t. By calling us at Animal PoisonLine we can give you the best advice immediately 24 hours a day.

How do I find out if my cat has been poisoned?

When you call Animal PoisonLine we’ll listen to your concerns and, using our experience with thousands of toxic substances that can affect our pets, provide you with an answer. This will help you decide whether it’s better to go to the vets or to save your money and time by staying at home. In our experience only three out of four pets need to go the vets immediately.

Our service is dedicated to helping put yourself and your pet at ease. Our veterinary poison specialists are on hand to work out whether your cat has been poisoned over the phone to ease your worries.

Find out whether your cat has been poisoned by ringing us: 01202 509 000.