Has My Dog Been Poisoned?

Over the years, vet bills for out-of-hours support have become quite the costly service. This situation is made ever worse if your pet is suffering from extreme illness. If you’ve been searching ‘Has My Dog Been Poisoned’, we can provide you with advice on what do next here at Animal PoisonLine.

When you get in touch with our services, we’ll listen to what you are concerned about and offer answers on how to deal with such toxic elements hurting your dog. We are available 24 hours a day meaning no matter when you need us, we can advise you as soon as possible and limit the extreme effects of the poisonous substance.

Going to the vets and finding out there’s nothing detrimental to your dogs health can be upsetting. That is why we offer our support so that you can decide whether or not going to the vets is key to saving their life.

From previous experiences, the majority of our calls end with the need to be at the vest straight away. That is why it is always worth asking so that you don’t have additional stress on top of everything that is going on.

Contact us now on 01202 509 000 to find out if your dog has been poisoned.