Has My Dog Eaten Something Toxic

Take any room in your home and you’ll be able to pinpoint something that your dog shouldn’t eat. While the trick is to stop your dog from the temptation of those bath bombs, those exotic bugs that enter our garden or the grass seeds you keep in the garage, you can’t stop your dog’s curiosity every time.

At Animal PoisonLine we’ve become a leading service online that will give you the best chance of finding out whether your dog has eaten something toxic. Whether you saw them eat it and you’re worried about the effects it will have or you’ve come home to symptoms that have concerned you, we’re on hand to help.

How does our Veterinary Poison Information Service (VPIS) work?

All you need to do to find out more about your dog’s situation is to ring the UK’s only VPIS at Animal PoisonLine. After you’ve given us all the information possible about your dog and their condition, we’ll give you an answer to the question on your lips: Has my dog eaten something toxic?

Our experienced team at Animal PoisonLine will use their expertise to perform a diagnosis over the phone. If we believe there’s a problem, then we will tell you to visit the vets to have it solved professionally. If not, we’ll give you peace of mind about your dog’s condition.

If you’d like to find out more about our VPIS and how it can help to find out if your dog has eaten something toxic, call to us today.