Has My Pet Eaten Something Toxic

Your pet will give you indications that they’re feeling poorly by their mood or by their actions. There are certain symptoms that can be indicative of toxic poisoning. If you’re looking to identify whether this is the case with your pet, make sure you get the assurances you need with Animal PoisonLine.

Has my pet eaten something toxic?

We will use your information and our experience to discover whether your pet has consumed or come into contact with something toxic. Our cats, dogs, rabbits and more can easily eat something without a second’s hesitation and our service will iron out whether you need to take a trip to your local vets or not.

Our service at Animal PoisonLine helps around seven out of ten owners from taking their pets to the vets. This helps to save you money and time, especially if you’re calling upon them after hours. Our VPIS (Veterinary Poison Information Service) runs 24 hours a day to give you the support and reassurances that you need.

When you ring our team at Animal PoisonLine you’ll be asked about the details of your pet and the symptoms you have noticed. We’ll then offer you the best answer based on our expertise around poisons and pets.

Ring us to find out if your pet has eaten something toxic.