Has My Dog Eaten Something Toxic

As dog owners it’s easy to become a spokesperson on behalf of your dog. If they start limping after a walk, you’ll prescribe rest and if they’re feeling down you may assume they’ve eaten something bad that has disagreed with them and they may have a tummy ache. Nonetheless, not all problems can be immediately diagnosed and sorted. If your dog has become ill very quickly, for example they’re throwing up, convulsing or fitting or frothing at the mouth it could be much more serious.

Has my dog eaten something toxic? Has my dog become poisoned? It’s perfectly natural to worry in this situation, but our service at Animal PoisonLine will put you through to a veterinary poisons expert who can help you and your dog. Our phone service is designed to save you time and money on visiting the vets by advising if your dog has eaten something toxic and whether it needs treatment or not.

Drugs, toxic substances and garden products can all harm your dog if they’re consumed by them. Whether they eat them, or they find their way onto their skin or through a cut, it’s imperative you understand exactly what’s going on. Our service operates 24 hours a day and is run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS), the UK’s only animal poison centre, ensuring whatever time of day you need us, we’ll be able to offer expert advice.

Don’t sit still and wonder whether your dog has eaten something toxic and what signs it may show, speak to us and find out for peace of mind.

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