Poison Information For Cats

It’s always a scary situation when your cat doesn’t seem themselves. While they’re often unpredictable and a breath of fresh air in your home, when they’re ill they won’t be the same. It can become even more of a concern if you’ve never seen some of the symptoms they’re showing before. We’ve got all the poison information for cats that you need to feel comfortable.

At Animal PoisonLine we’re chosen by pet owners across the UK who want to get the best advice for what they should do if their pet has been poisoned. If your cat wanders around for long enough, they’ll more than likely come across something that is potentially poisonous to them. It could be food from a bin, rat poison that’s been left out or rotten water, there are so many possibilities.

That’s what makes our service even more important for cat owners. We will diagnose the problems that your cat is having and make sure that you feel confident. Our VPIS (Veterinary Poison Information Service) is designed to provide with the right poison information for your cat and saves seven out of ten owners and their pets from a costly trip to the vets.

If you’d like to find out and gain poison information for your cat, get in contact with us today.