Symptoms Of Animal Poisoning

Our pets are a big part of our lives and when they’re feeling ill, we’re inclined to find out what’s wrong, feel bad for them and nurse them back to health. Some of these problems will go within a few hours or they’ll need some rest or specific treatment, but when something out of the ordinary happens, Animal PoisonLine can help you.

We’re a team of veterinary poison specialists that can understand and establish whether your pet is showing symptoms of animal poisoning. Our service is dedicated to helping you get expert advice instantly 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week. It doesn’t matter if you’re confused or baffled by the situation, we’ll be on hand to help and ensure you know what the next step is and whether you need to go to the vet or not.

If you’ve already noticed symptoms of animal poisoning that are showing on your dog or cat, then you can call us to see if visiting the vets will be able to speed up the recovery or whether it is safe to stay at home. At Animal PoisonLine we’ll be there to guide you through this worrying time with our experience as a Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and because we are the UK’s only animal poison centre.

We’ll try to diagnose the symptoms of animal poisoning that your dog or cat is experiencing and find the right solution.

Call us today to get instant help for your pet.