Three Poisoned Dog Symptoms To Look Out For

Your dog will have its little quirks, its interesting characteristics and its strange ways. That’s why we love them and why they’re considered man’s best friend. That means, however, that when they’re acting differently it will be highlighted even more. At Animal PoisonLine we can help to differentiate these changes and see whether they may indicate that your dog has been poisoned.

To help you make the first step, we’ve curated a list below of some of the most important poisoned dog symptoms to look out for. When you see any one of these symptoms evident in your dog, make sure you call our service at Animal PoisonLine. You’ll be put through to a veterinary poison specialist who will determine whether your dog’s symptoms indicate poisoning.

Here are three poisoned dog symptoms to look out for:

·       Lethargy: Keep an eye on your dog if they seem to lack the energy to do the things they usually do. The poison and toxins can affect the heart and make daily walks close to impossible.

·       Tremors or seizures: This unusual sign will be a big warning that your dog has been exposed to something toxic. Make sure to call our team for more information on this as soon as possible.

·       Non-responsive behaviour: Some dogs can be placed into ‘stupor’ which will often disable their sight and hearing. Stay calm and call our team.

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