What To Do If My Dog Has Eaten Paracetamol

The first throws of your dog being ill will cause a lot of love to be placed on your furry friend in the hope of curing them. They’ll have no idea how to cope with the illness, and neither will you. However, doing anything other than calling the professionals at this point can be dangerous for your dog, especially if you’ve been tempted to give them paracetamol – or any other over-the-counter human medicines.

At Animal PoisonLine we work with a number of dog owners that have given their dogs something to ease the pain without knowing the implications. The other side of the coin could be that your dog has taken their pain into their own hands and eaten a whole packet of paracetamol from inside your home.

What to do if my dog has eaten paracetamol?

Our service is based around the problems that can happen if dogs are poisoned. At Animal PoisonLine we’re a VPIS (Veterinary Poison Information Service) that is designed to provide you with the peace of mind you require at this time. Whatever your dog has ingested that you’re concerned about – no matter if it’s paracetamol, Calpol or anything else in your cupboard – make sure you call our service as soon as possible.

We’ll help to ensure you have confidence in looking after your dog and know whether a trip to the vets is worth it. Call our helpline now to gain up-to-date information.