What To Do If My Dog Has Eaten Something Toxic

Our dogs eat plenty of things they’re not supposed to eat every day. They might try to scoop up the remains of the dinner left on plates, they’ll often mistake a crumb of dirt for food and they’ll almost certainly take any opportunity to eat chocolate cake despite our warnings. Most of these will not affect our little friends other than making them slightly ill, but what do you do if your dog has eaten something toxic?

The first answer to this question is a question, too: How do you know if your dog has eaten something toxic? Our team at Animal PoisonLine run a 24-hour emergency telephone line that can provide you with the answers to these important questions. We understand that you’ll be worried and stressed if your dog is behaving strangely or foaming/frothing at the mouth and we can help decide whether you need to take them to the vets.

Toxic substances for our dogs are everywhere in our home, in the park and in our own food, but we understand you’ll want accurate information from a team of experts. Our service helps to establish what to do if your dog has eaten something toxic.

Calling our service at Animal PoisonLine is the best way to get through to someone with a vast array of experience dealing with veterinary toxic substances.

Get in contact now by calling 01202 509000.