What To Do If My Pet Has Ingested Something Toxic

We’re more than ready to cope with the times of sickness that our pets will inevitably have during their time in our family, but they can face things that are completely unique. It’s at these moments that you’ll need to get to the bottom of it, but you won’t want to pay extortionate veterinary fees.

At Animal PoisonLine we’ve become a leading service for pet owners who don’t know what to do if their pet has ingested something toxic. This can happen at any time because there isn’t an extensive list of toxic substances that your pet can and can’t gain access to. Your dog will wander off on a walk, your cat will venture out into the streets most days and your other pets are susceptible to eating or ingesting something toxic.

Why choose our team at Animal PoisonLine?

Our 24-hour phone service is the perfect way to check whether your pet has really ingested something toxic. Once you’ve called our team of animal poison veterinarians we’ll be able to discover whether you need to take your pet to the vets or the symptoms will fade.

As the UK’s only dedicated Veterinary Poison Information Service (VPIS), we can give you peace of mind when you need it most.

Find out what to do if your pet has ingested something toxic by calling us today.