+ When should I call Animal PoisonLine?

Whenever your pet has had access to anything you are concerned about and you would like advice what to do next. It could be something they have eaten, inhaled, is on their skin or splashed in the eye. This includes human medicines, overdose or incorrect administration of veterinary medicines, household or DIY products, fuels, garden products, plants and venomous bites.

+ How well qualified are the Animal PoisonLine team?

We have been providing support to vets with poisoning cases for over 40 years via our professional service, the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS), which is the only animal poison service in the UK. We have over 220,000 past cases to refer to. Our team is a combination of vets, toxicologists and scientists.

+ How much does it cost to call Animal PoisonLine?

Calls cost £30 whatever the time, day or night. When you call our number, there will be an automated payment service where you can enter your credit card details (please note that we do not accept American Express cards). Once payment is approved, you will then be put through to somebody in our specialist team.

+ What advice will you give me?

Our aim is to make sure that every animal at risk of poisoning receives the most appropriate treatment. We will therefore advise you if an immediate trip to the vets is required, even in the absence of obvious signs. Equally, we will be able to save you a trip to the vet if it is not necessary. Not every animal exposed to the substances listed above will need to be seen by a vet. We can also advise on possible signs you can expect, if any.

+ If I am advised to go to the vet, what information do I need to tell them?

Tell your vet that you rang us and were advised to see the vet. If they require detailed treatment advice about the particular substance your pet has been exposed to they can call our professional service, the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS). Approximately 80% vets are members of the VPIS and use it regularly for specialist advice on the management of poisoning in animals. Please be aware that if your pet does require veterinary attention, your vet may charge a fee for calling VPIS. If this is the case, we will in turn refund you for your call made to the Animal PoisonLine.