Thank you to everyone who replies to our feedback form. The information will help us with toxicovigilance and may provide information that can aid in  future cases.

A fantastic service by Mosies and the team at APL, he was very helpful and took time to explain the things we needed to collate and most importantly put us at ease as best he could. When all the info was passed to him he called us back within 2 minutes and ran through the advise he was given by the on call vet. Mosies is a credit to the APL team. February 2019
Happy with the service I received. My cat has several conditions and having someone who can advise taking these considerations in to account was helpful and put my mind at ease. April 2019
All dealt with in a friendly reassuring manner. Had confidence in the adviser October 2019
A friendly service received, thank you. March 2020
Having spoken with the poison line and being told that there shouldn’t be any damage I felt confident for my son to keep close eye on her as I was at work – I had already called my vet before calling the poison line – I knew I could take her to the vets if she showed signs of illness due to the supplements ! Thank you you really helped especially Good to know it was a telephone call that meant we didn’t have to take Fly to the vets during Covid 19 June 2020
I thought the service was brilliant- prompt and efficient and very reassuring. I would recommend it to anyone who had a similar concern October 2020
The person I spoke to (very sorry but I cannot remember their name) was extremely helpful and was very easy to talk to. She answered all my questions and gave very good advice. Thank you very much for all your help June 2021
The lady I spoke to on the phone was calm, efficient and professional. I was given peace of mind and avoided any unnecessary vet procedures which would’ve cost much more than the out of hours phone call I had. This is a great service, thank you very much. January 2022
I was very impressed. The lady was so calm and helpful. She was clear in what I needed to do and what the issues were. Thank you so much January 2022
The person I spoke to was incredibly helpful, she was also very kind and made me feel more at ease about the situation. Very glad I called and I’m so grateful for the help! Thank you. May 2022
Thank you so much – I was so grateful for the advice on Saturday & the charge for the service didn’t even make me hesitate for the peace of mind it gave me. I was very upset on the phone & the associate was kind & patient Thank you !! November 2022
I think this is a fantastic service for which I am very grateful!! January 2023
Have already recommended to friends – many thanks to Holly who was lovely and very helpful. Advice given was brilliant and worked within about 10mins. Amazing service!  January 2023
Quick and clear response on action needed to be taken, many thanks January 2023
 I phoned AnimalPoisonLine as I had been dreadfully worried about my dog eating rat bait and the emergency vet suggested I phoned you. The man I spoke to was calm and easy to talk to. The advice he gave me was straightforward and understandable. My mind was immediately put at ease and I was relieved to discover my pet was going to be alright and did not need to see a vet. It was £45 well spent!  February 2023
Very happy with the service! Allison was super professional and patient, put us at ease and explained everything in what could have been a very stressful situation. Not sure what I was expecting, but my expectations were exceeded.  February 2023
I was so impressed with the staff members knowledge which meant I could go to bed with my dogs and just keep an eye on them. Really good professional experience. Keep up the great work and thank you.  February 2023
Thank you for for invaluable help  February 2023
Thank you to the lovely staff at Animal Poison Line for always being able to offer support and reassurance.  March 2023
So pleased I rang Animal Poison line, Bonnie was fine, wasn’t sick or unwell,saved me a lot of money ringing you. Thank you so much. March 2023
He was fine in the end. We just panicked but turned out he was okay. The lovely vet who answered the phone was super helpful and reassuring though. Thank you. Great service March 2023